Gloria Kaye, Ph.D.
An energy specialist, hands-on healer and pioneer of yoga therapy for the past 30 years, Dr. Gloria Kaye has “touched” the lives of thousands of clients. Working in conjunction with physicians and healthcare practitioners, Dr. Kaye has built a successful practice in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Her clients include well-known personalities, professional athletes, business executives, senior citizens,... more...

Dr. Gloria Kaye uses a unique system to reduce pain and injury. An hour-long session consists of a light pressure to various areas of distress and imbalance. Clients may experience a sensation of heat, cold, tingling and a deep sense of relaxation. These non-invasive treatments are effective yet benign. There are no unpleasant side effects and most clients experience positive benefits after just one...more...

Athletic injuries resolve quickly with energetic healing. Muscles and ligaments, which are holding the body in a skewed manor due to the injury, are released from their skewed position. The energy moves quickly through the body and addresses deficits and areas of over energy. The light touch used in this system allows the energy to create a structural equilibrium which in turn allows the energy to move more freely so that healing can take place.more...

Animal Healing
Dr. Gloria Kaye works in close association with veterinarians. Her non-medical intervention helps create structural equilibrium, which may help to heal certain conditions. Her treatment is not meant to replace veterinary care. She has been called a quantum phenomenon...more...

Gloria Kaye was first introduced to the concept of remote healing while in Russia visiting the Russian healer, Barbara Ivanova. Later, she developed a process of remote healing whereby she perceives an impression of the injury or distress and actually draws the impression she sees in her mind’s eye. The sketches are very revealing and many times she will see an imbalance or distress that the client has...more...

Dr. Gloria Kaye is a woman with a mission:

To make people feel better. She has helped thousands of people feel better through her extensive knowledge and practice in alternative health fields. Usually individuals experience effects of treatment after their first session. Dr. Kaye’s non-invasive natural technique has no negative side effects. Most injuries and stresses resolve in three to five sessions.


Comprehensive Training in Energy Healing and Alternative Care will be offered starting in January, 2016. This unique training possibility was created so that the experience I have gleaned over the years can be shared with interested students.

I am often asked how I can teach Energy Healing. My response is that I frequently can teach about 50% of what I know to interested and passionate students. This offering will be valuable for massage therapists, health care workers, and family members who want to most effectively address physical, mental, and spiritual issues.

Of course I have my bias; having worked with Energy for over 50 years, I still believe that it is the most expedient way to support pain-free wellbeing. The system is based on adjusting energy fields and body mechanics. Although the system may appear magical, it is actually a sound, logical way to address many issues.

This is the first time I am offering such a comprehensive training program. I am thrilled and delighted to have the opportunity to share the knowledge that I have gleaned over the years. During the 6 month training period, it is safe to assume that your understanding and experience of Energy Healing will empower you, as well as connect you with new realms of possibilities.

Please join me in this powerful, transformative process! Read more.

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Gloria Kaye, Ph.D., Energy Healing Expert - Overview

Eliminate Acute & Chronic Pain:

Injuries & sprains
Joint & knee pain
Arthritis & bone spurs
Back, neck and shoulder pain

Digestive disorders
Sinus conditions
Anxiety & depression
Female health issues

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Telephone interaction is encouraged so as to build a better connection and deeper understanding of each client’s situation.


“Can’t sleep?  Perpetually stressed?  Anxious?  All of the above?  Next time you’re stressed out, don’t pop sleeping pills or an artery. Pop in a soothing CD instead, like Healing Tones.”
- Platinum Magazine

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Praise for Gloria

“Gloria Kaye has a gift. Her techniques worked for me and I recommend you give them a try. In the sessions I had with her I experience immediate relief from the soreness of my arthritic condition…

You have nothing to lose except your pain and discomfort!”

Rick Barry
Basketball Hall of Fame

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